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Live a Unique Experience with ‘Faraday Edge’ and Do Not Think About the Rest!

A group of people working at the coffee

Working in cafés is getting popular worldwide! People feel more relaxed and become more creative when they work in a café rather than an office environment. They find the energy, enthusiasm and the caffeine they look for. But, of course, in today’s world, the most essential thing working people seek is Wi-Fi connection! In every restaurant, café or home office, there is Wi-Fi connection for sure; yet the question is how fast it is, or how secure it is! Here, in this point; Faraday Edge creates the ultimate solution for the fastest, secure, seamless and all-in-one Wi-Fi connection for SOHO segment.

Faraday Edge provides a unique experience for the customers and that makes Faraday Edge valuable, indeed. Faraday Edge does not only serve a satisfactory Wi-Fi connection in many approaches, but also brings several features with it. First of all, the product is very user-friendly and no need to have any IT-based background. This feature makes it possible for end-users to be able to register an AP and broadcast a WLAN with just a few clicks in minutes. In addition to ease of the system, the dashboard has also been prepared with the purpose of that customers can understand client operating system distribution, data usages, top SSIDs or APs being used etc. at a glance as a summary. Moreover, features like customization in design, mobile orientation, integration with Zone which is a Wi-Fi Analytics tool of Faraday and Marketing add-on that makes Faraday Edge unique.

Besides, Faraday Edge is the first and the only product which works integrated with Aruba Central. You may question how crucial to work with Aruba Central or Aruba Access Point is and here is the answer that you will be satisfied, for sure. According to the Gartner reports, Aruba is the best Wi-Fi provider and it provides value-added services with its software and system architectures. By using Aruba Central as cloud-based network management solution, Faraday Edge serves to end users the easiest and the most user-friendly way to monitor their networks status, manage Access Points, and get usage data. Hence, the whole system of Faraday Edge is very safe because it is all connected to Aruba Central which is cloud-based.

So, as an owner or administrative team of a café or restaurant, do you really have time and energy to deal with the technical issues like setting up the Wi-Fi connection, trying to understand what your clients’ habits, or safety problems? We do not think that you have! Even you have, you should not be the one who is dealing with them. We are here for all these obstacles you have been through. You will forget all these problems with Faraday Edge!


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