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The EDGE Is The Future

Everything started with the motto The Edge is the Future. We are certain that the edge network will lead to significant changes in mobile content, ranging from the user's behavior to media and Internet-of-things. At Faraday, our aim is to be a Cloud-First, Quality-First software product company that constantly evolves to improve our customer's standards with advanced solutions.

The Vision of Faraday


Enhancing Lives

We always strive to be a customer-first, customer-last company that develops products to touch lives. Therefore we make sure to keep a high level of experience for the end-user in our products in Public/Private Cloud, Wireless, and IoT fields.

About Us Enhancing Lives



We develop products that touch and complement each other in a variety of fields to provide the most comprehensive functionality. We believe that our focus to add value with high-quality product will always lead us to develop world-class products.

About Us Focus


Use Newest and Develop the Best

We are always trying to use the newest technologies in the products we develop. The most important thing is to give the necessary effort to be the best of what we do, as well as create niche products.

About Us Technology Driven
The Vision of Faraday
The Vision of Faraday
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