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Greater The Business Scale, Greater The Value

With the scalable and flexible architecture, Faraday Edge creates the perfect combination for Managed Service Providers and Telecom Operators


MSP Partners

MSP Hightlights

Look closer at the success of Faraday Edge's MSP Partners

One of the biggest network deployments in EMEA

Meeting local requirements with flexible architecture

Continuous increase in revenue generated over Wi-Fi

Operating in a large scale with minimum cost

MSP Telco Reference Turkcell

Rapidly increasing customer base in UAE

More capability to meet customer requirements

High-quality solution matching the brand power

Ability to address regional data concerns

MSP Telco Reference Etisalat

Scaling up after pandemic effects over

Operational cost is reduced 80%

Wider range of network vendor integrations

Prestigious brands are included in various segments

MSP Partner Reference Vodafone
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Read Faraday's Other Partnership Opportunities 
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