Wireless is the future

We believe in the wireless future. We are certain that Wireless networks will lead to significant changes mobile content, ranging from the user's behavior to media and Internet-of-things. In Faraday, our aim is to develop software based products which will fundamentally change this area. While doing so, we identify carefully the areas we are working on. Our aim is to be a Cloud First, Mobile First technology company.

Touch to Life

We are always strived to be a customer-first customer-last company which develops products that touch the lives. Therefore we make sure to keep a high level of experience to the end user in our products in Cloud, Wireless and IOT fields.


We develop products that touches and complements each other in Wireless, Cloud and IoT fields. One of our most important goals in developing these products is to focus on our business at all times. We believe that this focus will always lead us to develop world-class products.

Use Newest and Develop the Best

We are always trying to use the newest techologies in the products we develop. The most important point is to give the necessary effort to be the best of what we do, as well as creating niche products.

Would you like to share your ideas with us? We are always open to listen to our potential customers, team mates (a.k.a F1), investors and the people who wants to consult about anything related with our products.