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A Way to Improve Business Value Through Connectivity

Transform your network infrastructure into a valuable tool to increase loyalty


Guest Wi-Fi

Captive Portal Design,
Authentication Options,
Integration APIs,
User Management,
Advanced Reporting, and more

Wi-Fi Presence Analytics

Visitor / Visit Analysis,

Venue Comparisons,

Retention Rate,

Dwell Time,

Location Potentials,

New Visitor Distribution, and more

Wi-Fi Marketing

Progressive Profiling,

Visitor Segmentation,

Pay Wi-Fi,

Targeted Advertisements,

Action-based Surveys,

Campaigns, and more

Wi-Fi Location 


Fence Management,

Top Visitor Paths,

Visitor Behavior Analysis,

Heat Map,

Location Map,

Resource Scheduling, and more

Faraday Edge Feature Set

The Most Related Use Cases For More Value

Extensive functionalities and added flexibility enable endless fixed and customized scenarios

Not sure which Faraday Edge service covers your needs?

Give us more information to understand your needs and how we can address them.

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Not sure which Faraday Edge service covers your needs?

Give us more information to understand your needs and how we can address them.

Faraday Ecosystem

Meet Faraday Ecosystem

Be a part of the rapidly growing Faraday Ecosystem containing a large set of customers from various vertical segments




Access Points




Faraday Edge product teams run automated security checks before every release on top of updated, regular vulnerability tests with disaster recovery to keep crucial data safe.


Easy Access Management for Large Enterprises. Branch and regional managers and departments can be limited to operating in the related locations or features.

Legal Regulations

While collecting and keeping the data, we are following GDPR and other regional regulations and providing mechanisms to meet opt-out requests with minimum operational effort.


With a next-generation, micro-service architecture, Faraday Edge can serve in intense environments with a high number of devices. No defined limitations for authenticated visitors.

Take a glance at the key points of Faraday Edge

Faraday Edge is a complete solution that covers all missing areas through global standards. 

While offering a capable solution with a large set of functionalities, we are also focused on the areas that will drive trust and solve our customers' liabilities with a scalable, maintainable, and easy operation approach.

Guest WiFi Visitor Engagement

Never late to discover another channel for customer engagement

While collecting an information and defining personas, it is also possible to engage with these individuals or segments. Campaign flow enables SMS or Email actions to engage with the visitors based on their behaviors in the location, birthdays, special occasions, re-engagement flows or collect review.


Engagement Growth


6 Months Avg Engagement


Increased Sales

Here is some numbers how successful it is

We’re ready to talk!

If you have ideas on how we can improve or expand our tools, we would love to hear from you. We are always open to engagement with complimentary technology partners, vendors, consultants, and potential investors.

Guest WiFi Monetization Advertisement

Some Faraday Edge features such as Advertisement or Pay Wi-Fi enable a direct ROI for our customers where they can utilize these capabilities to either highlight offered services, making announcements or renting to third party agencies or even sell the Wi-Fi manually or automatically with a POS integration.

Look closer at the actions can take to monetize your network


Months Avg ROI


Marketing Action Rate


Engagement Rate

Here is some numbers how successful it is

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