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Powerful Option For Increased Market Share

Extensive Faraday Edge feature set and leading technology vendors integrations help channel partners to get more market share by addressing more needs


Faraday Networks Channel Partners

Be Fully Compliant with Customer Requirements

Faraday Edge offers features that will lead our channel partners to provide more value and reach more market share.

Extensive Guest Wi-Fi

CRM System Integrations

Detailed Wi-Fi Analytics Functionalities

Effective Wi-Fi Marketing Capabilities

Enabled Custom Scenarios

Faraday Edge Feature Set Segments

With minimum issues, high availability, excellent partner support and easy operation, Faraday Edge offers minimum cost while offering a service.

All customers are associated with a service provider account where the channel partner users can register and manage all sub-entities with a single easy-to-manage account.

Comfort of High-Quality Product

High Quality Network Product
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Read Faraday's Other Partnership Opportunities 
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