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Draw Your Attention on Your Customers!

How well do you know your customers? Their needs, their interests, their expectations and even more… For example; do you know what Alex eats with coffee every morning or what types of products Julia is interested in your store? If you do not, you should get started to understand them more deeply. If you feel like you know them quite well and do not need to understand their needs better, then check this out to interiorise the idea of knowing them well, even better than yourself!

How accurately can you guess the number of your daily visitors or do you have any idea how many people are passing by your store? Don’t worry if you’re not that good about it! It’s not your business anyways; it’s ours! Zone provides everything with you to know your customers better and offer them the best customized service. So, what kind of information can you get via Zone? First of all, it is very easy to check the number of your total visitors, total visits, new visitors, passerby, average dwell time and Wi-Fi users in daily-basis. With this information; as a store manager you can get some basic idea how you are doing. Nevertheless, we know that is not enough only to get familiar with your customers. So, let me introduce you the other features of Zone!

In order you to gain more insight about your customers, we designed Zone to be a user-friendly platform; so you can visualize your data on charts, graphs and maps. For instance, you can view visitor distribution, repeat distribution, visit durations, and retention rate for different locations. In addition to that, there are heat maps and location maps -both in a time range and live- in the interface which enable you to re-market your customers. If you like to know your business progress, you can also compare statistics by choosing two different time ranges. With these features of Zone, you can be sure that you will understand your customers and even potential customers precisely and you will be ready for the next step!

So, what is the next step after knowing your customers in depth? Treating them as what they like and expect! You may not know how but no worries; Zone is here for you. Zone provides campaigns and applications that you can use to reach the target customers or potential customers to boost your sales. By campaign feature, you can send messages to the right people for marketing. You can filter your data to determine your target customer to deliver a particular message and of course, you will be the one wording your message. Zone also provides defining applications and processing data to different softwares like CRM. By application feature, it is even possible to create criteria for pushing data to applications.

It is that easy to know your customers. With Zone, you can always see your progress. Because dashboard is very user-friendly and understandable with charts and graphs, you will not struggle at all. On the contrary, Zone will make you know who your customers are!


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