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On Faraday Edge, we offer customized software-defined solutions for SD-LAN and SD-WAN and manage all network infrastructure from a single point. With multi-platform and easy-to-use management interfaces, Faraday Edge is with you anytime, anywhere.
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Fully integrated multi-vendor support

To offer more inclusive and flexible usage to our customers, we provide the integration with several leading vendors for both Access Points, Switches and SD-WAN devices on Faraday Edge. With full function integration, manage your devices on a single interface.

Networking Experience

With the container-based, microservice architecture, Faraday Edge can easily scale and cover any network, no matter how big is the network deployment, including SD-WAN and SD-LAN.
Private / Public Cloud
While the public cloud option provides easy deployment and effortless activation, we also offer a private cloud option for the customers with large deployment and data privacy concerns.
Faraday Edge offers a wide range of functionalities from SD-LAN & SD-WAN management to value-added services like Wi-Fi Analytics and Marketing, Asset Management with multi-vendor architecture.

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The simple interface makes deployment and configuration so easy that even customers without any technical team can benefit from the networking, analytics, marketing features. The deployment is can be completed and the system would be up and running in a matter of hours.
Telco / MSP
While providing an all-in-one solution that has multi-vendor support and reduces operational costs on deployment to meet the needs of a large scale, Faraday Edge also offers tools to follow the post-sales process and monitor the system so that the service provider can always be in control.
The system makes the deployments in thousands of branches possible with dramatically reduced operational cost by zero-touch provisioning. The connectivity in all stores would be kept alive without any distribution to avoid any problems the clients may face because of new releases or problems.
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