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Next Generation WiFi Experience

Are you ready to combine Faraday Edge's unique All-in-One WiFi management solution with the best user experience? Faraday Edge offers customized solutions for different vertical segments with various add-on combinations. Besides, you don't need to worry about any infrastructural problems since Faraday works with Aruba very closely.

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Faraday Edge has a scalable architecture enabling to increase its performance with its add-on structure.

Private Cloud

Since it is possible to set up Faraday Edge on private cloud, all your customer data can remain secure.


Having Faraday Edge is more than sufficient to manage and monetise your networks, as it includes several features; Captive Portal, SSID management, marketing tools and more.

AP Activation

It's very simple to activate your APs that you buy on your account. You can immediately start offering a unique WiFi experience to your customers either from web or mobile applications.


Why are you still waiting to monetise your network? Convert your WiFi network into a marketing tool with your already installed WiFi equipment. You only need to publish your text, image and video advertisements to promote your business.


Not only monetise your network, but also increase customer engagement and enhance customer loyalty! Create your campaign, define its conditions and notify targeted audience via mail or SMS.

Build your network according to your needs
Faraday Edge brings in many unique features that distinguish it from its competitors like Engagement App, Mobile Management App, Asset Management and countless others. Combining different features and add-ons Faraday Edge will meet all your needs.
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