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Faraday Edge's Current and Upcoming Features

Faraday Edge provides an All-In-One Wi-Fi management solution for enterprises with different scales. Since the first version of Faraday Edge, there have been various updates and new features added. For each year, at Faraday, road maps are defined for each distinct product to share with our customers. Since 2017, Faraday Edge has become the focal point and we made crucial changes on Faraday Edge which makes it much more competitive in the market. The first big adjustment was UX/UI designs of Faraday Edge interface on web. We believe that ease is the solution and we have modified the website accordingly; hence our customers can manage their networks in a short time without any technical backgrounds. With the report page presented on Faraday Edge's dashboard, users can have deeper understanding about their customers and networks. These reports are prepared as bar charts, pie charts or diagrams which are very user-friendly and easy to interpret.

Since the second quarter of 2017, Faraday Edge is not available only on web but also on Apple Store as a mobile application for iPhone and Apple Watch. iOS version can perform mainly everything that can be done on web including creating a new network, enabling and disabling selected network, displaying dashboard, reports and more. As Apple Watch screens are much smaller than iPhone's, we provide a more compact solution on Apple Watch as users can control and monitor their networks and see the customer reports.

Another improvement was about Faraday Edge Captive Portal which is the very first interaction with customers and this makes it very crucial for enterprises. We brought a new approach to Captive Portal design and developed Visualize on which different layout options are offered to our customers. For now, there are three pre-defined designs in that colors and texts of each components like footer, header, login options etc. can be changed. Besides these templates, by drag and drop feature, it is very easy to create a fully customized Captive Portal.

One crucial novelty on Faraday Edge is its scalable architecture which enables to embed additional tools in it. These different tools are the add-ons serving different purposes according to various business approaches such as marketing, Wi-Fi analytics or e-commercing. With its add-on architecture, Faraday Edge becomes a very powerful Wi-Fi management software with all its aspects. To be more precise about Wi-Fi analytics add-on, Faraday Edge has customer data in different ways; an important one is Facebook profiles. When customers log in via their Facebook accounts, Faraday Edge can have a bunch of customer data enabling us to have deeper analytics.

Given these points, Faraday Edge has been improved a lot and there is going to be continuous improvement in the short and the long run. This year, there are some determined developments including an Android mobile application of Faraday Edge. Plus, Faraday Edge will be updated to support HotSpot 2.0 in the near future. Besides Faraday Edge's several social log-in options, paid Wi-Fi will be an option for users that is going to be a direct source of income for them. To sum all these current and upcoming features of Faraday Edge up, there is no doubt that Faraday Edge brings all the customer needs together in network management field and increase competitiveness in the market.


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