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Aruba Partnership

In our latest development, our global partner HPE Aruba has named Faraday its spotlight partner on June of 2017. Since then, Faraday has become the only globally preferred partner of Aruba HPE in the field of Guest Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Management and Wi-Fi Analytics solutions. At the same time, we are the only ecosystem partner whose more than one products have been certified.

We have been working with Aruba very closely since Faraday's establishment in different products to create the best solutions for enterprises. The most crucial value we create is making Aruba infrastructure monetizable and easy to manage. Customers can benefit the gathered data from beacons and Wi-Fi by making campaigns, reaching targeted customers directly to promote the business, or displaying advertisements.

We are looking forward to having more partnership processes with Aruba. For more detailed information about our partnership with Aruba, click here.


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