Shared Workspaces

On top of providing high quality guest and internal network access and Wi-Fi analytics & marketing, Faraday Edge works synchronously with the workspace management system to provide modular internet access for each company and user type according to their membership package. The customized experience also enables meeting room resources to be accessible at a specific time by the people scheduled in the meeting room.
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  • Custom Access to Different User Profiles
  • Meeting Room Resources Scheduling
  • Visitor Patterns and Footfall Analysis
  • Monetizing the Wi-Fi Infrastructure
  • Service Quality Optimization

Gain a new perspective and insight, and learn more about the possibilities of Wi-Fi service in workplaces with detailed scenarios and use cases.

Getting these use cases documents provides knowledge on:

  • How Faraday Edge can be integrated to office management systems like OfficeRnD to customize the experience
  • Creating a modular internet access to include different limitations to various packages.
  • Utilizing the workplace resources by allocating them to right people at right time
  • Understanding the visitors to improve and advertise your service