Faraday Edge offers advanged presence and location analytics for retailers to understand the location potential and success in getting visitors inside a store. Location analytics put another layer to understand the visitor behavior inside the location and which areas are getting more attention. With the advanced segmentation, campaign flow and additional scenarios enabled by engaging the customers, marketing tools can be used to increase loyalty and create an omnichannel for a direct ROI.
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  • High Quality Guest Wi-Fi
  • Customized Access Limitations
  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Profitable Area Examination
  • Improve Brand Power
  • Create Customized Scenarios

Gain a new perspective and insight, and learn more about the possibilities of Wi-Fi service in retail with detailed scenarios and use cases.

Getting these use cases documents provides knowledge on:

  • How to form Tailor-Made marketing strategies to create long-lasting and loyal customer relationships
  • How to use advanced targeting and marketing tools to engage visitors, show advertisements and get feedbacks
  • Using location analytics to understand visitor behaviors inside a premises
  • How to integrate CRM systems to provide privileged access to loyal customers