Large Public Venue

Faraday Edge helps large public venues strengthen the ties between customers and entities by keeping its clients updated about the ongoing events and sending them personal discounts and vouchers. Additionally, Faraday Edge comes with many features that offer a large variety of solutions from Wi-Fi analytics & marketing to tracking assets.
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  • High Quality Guest Wi-Fi Service
  • Customer Behavior and Pattern Analysis
  • Customer Loyalty with Targeted Campaigns
  • Valuable Assets Tracking
  • Flexible Visitor Engagement Options

Gain a new perspective and insight, and learn more about the possibilities of Wi-Fi service in Large Public Venues with detailed scenarios and use cases.

Getting these use cases documents provides knowledge on:

  • Customizable visitor facing screen to highlight brand and push announcements
  • How to boost revenue with targeted marketing campaigns and advertisements
  • Location-based analytics to understand customer patterns
  • A way to understand the crowded areas and utilize the services
  • New ways for protecting valuable assets and reduce equipment losses with Faraday Edge’s asset management system
  • Using indoor navigation to guide visitors to the locations they want to shop