Faraday Edge offers new ways to customize the network experience for various customer profiles identified by the integrations to the hotel management systems. With various campaign options and engagement methods, make sure that visitors are aware of all services in the premises. Understand the user behaviors by analyzing the visitor patterns on different parts of the location and drive your marketing accordingly.
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  • Privileged Wi-Fi Access for Loyal/VIP Customers
  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
  • Promotions for Customer Loyalty
  • Optimize Catering Times and Crowd Density
  • Assist Visitors with Indoor Navigation
  • Analyze Events and the Impacts

Gain a new perspective and insight, and learn more about the possibilities of Wi-Fi service in hospitality with detailed scenarios and use cases.

Getting Faraday Edge hospitality use case document offers knowledge on:

  • How to create customized scenarios for different visitor profiles
  • New marketing tools to collect feedback and engage with visitors
  • How to design marketing campaigns to increase loyal customers base
  • How to use advanced analytics analysis to drive your business