Faraday Edge provides solutions to patients and healthcare professionals that bring safe, qualified and efficient services to the healthcare industry. While they are saving lives we want to make sure they can reach critical tools at a right time. Our solution also helps hotel management to utilize their resources by making crowd density analysis during a day through Wi-Fi analytics and integration to hospital management systems.

Discover asset management, indoor navigation and Wi-Fi analytics features presents a wide range of innovative solutions from keeping social distance during the pandemic to optimizing asset allocation of hospitals.
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  • Crowd Density and Capacity Analysis
  • Assets Tracking and Workflow Management
  • Visitor Experience Improvements
  • Push Notifications for Service Updates

Gain a new perspective and insight, and learn more about the possibilities of Wi-Fi service in healthcare with detailed scenarios and use cases.

Getting these use cases documents provides knowledge on:

  • Faraday Edge’s ability to analyze visitor behaviors and capacity
  • How to define workflows for life saving assets and get notification
  • Using marketing tools to get feedback from visitors and and engage with them
  • Offerings with integration to hospital management systems
  • Monetizing your infrastructure and boost revenue
  • Indoor navigation system guide visitors directly to the related areas for operational efficiency