On top of providing high quality flexible internet access to everyone, Faraday Edge offers new ways to analyze student behaviors based on the time they spend on classes or other facilities in the campus. Help university management to understand which retails/coffee shops get more students to increase the ROI and what is the effect of an event by matching the social integrations with crowd density analysis.
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  • User Traffic and Behavior Analysis
  • Service and Facility Utilization
  • Event Impact Analysis
  • Students Targeting for Announcements
  • Attendance Process Improvements

Gain a new perspective and insight, and learn more about the possibilities of Wi-Fi service in education with detailed scenarios and use cases.

Getting these use cases documents provides knowledge on:

  • Custom scenarios to improve teaching quality and education experience
  • How to utilize the services inside the campus
  • Ways to examine student and visitor behaviors
  • How to optimize income from rental areas
  • How to analyze campus events and measure the social impact