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WiFi Analytics & Location Services

Are you ready to improve the experience you offer to your customers, with their behaviors? You can track behavior of your customers in your stores via WiFi Analytics. Zone collects and analyses data gathered over WiFi for you, in order to extract many important data like visit duration, visit intervals for different stores. You can create different campaigns or develop your own big data analysis applications with these data. Zone lets you to market over WiFi, analyse your existing network for data and transform them into an available structure for engagement.

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Cloud Architecture

Zone, and its features, works in accordance with Cloud architecture.

Analytics for Developers

You can create different loyalty applications by defining different applications on Zone and differentiate between these applications to gather data from different sources via permissions.


You can view near real-time data as well as retrospective reports on Zone. This makes you possible to take action in a short time period, and plan your business according to user density.

Edge & Spectrum Ready

Zone comes ready for both Edge and Spectrum. So that you can quickly add WiFi Analytics functionality to the Edge or Spectrum product you are positioning for your network. You can display your clients using your WiFi on Zone, which lets you to create different campaigns based on their profiles and take different actions.

Heat Map

With sufficient amount of Access Points that will be placed according to recommendations of Faraday engineers, you can have heatmaps based on your floor plans. You can also activate Location Map feature, which lets you to view near real-time client locations. Heatmap Move lets you to play your heatmaps on a daily basis, which allows to see which floors has more visitors in between which hours. This feature is only available private cloud setups with Spectrum. In addition to this, product presents experimental data, deviations between calculated and real locations can be more than 10meters.

Building Management

You can define your buildings in Zone. If you are using the product with Edge or Spectrum, buildings are fetched from these applications. You can display all your reports on building and floor basis.

Increase the Value of your Store
Zone gives you the ability to watch your cafes, restaurants or other locations with its prominent features like fence management, tracking your assets with-in fences and providing venue performance with information like cross-visits of your customers.
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