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Multi-vendor WiFi Management

Managing your WiFi and converting into a marketing service is now possible using Spectrum. Converting your system into a marketing tool is extremely simple with Spectrum’s multivendor architecture running in Access-Layer, using your existing Controller and Access Point. Spectrum helps you to manage your wireless network by running in your private cloud. It can serve you as an all-in-one WiFi management tool with its integrated subcomponents like Visualize (Custom Captive Portal Design Tool), ProLog (Lawful Interception), Management Interface, SmartGate (Captive Portal). It’s possible to manage your network without buying any other products other than Spectrum.

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Spectrum has been developed in accordance with the cloud architecture. You can transform it into a telco-grade structure by adding as many nodes as you want.


You can utilize Controller and Access Points of leading brands like Cisco and Aruba Networks. We are working on to support other brands too.


You don’t need to buy any other software with Spectrum. Components like ProLog, Visualize, SmartGate provide an end-to-end customer experience.

ACL Management

You can define who and which devices can access to your WiFi. It's possible to restrict devices of a manufacturer or only let some users into your WiFi. You can allow/restrict usage based on MAC address or GSM number by flexible rule definition feature.


If you want to convert your WiFi network into a marketing tool and gain revenue from your already installed WiFi equipment, Spectrum Ads will be one of your favourite features. You can publish text, image or video ads and manage your ads by location.


Survey is useful to know better your customers’ needs, contact with them and provide pinpoint benefits. You can prepare surveys with different types of questions and you can present them in before or after authentication. So that you can provide extra benefits to your clients by redirecting them to a result page.

Orchestrate Your Wireless Network from your PC
Spectrum provides the ease of management for organizations with large-scale wireless networks like Service Providers, Telcos or retail chains. With its multi-vendor support, hardware management and legal logging features, Spectrum makes it simple to manage your wireless network from a single point.
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